Can't post feedback

Xojo version keeps dimmed. Submit also keeps dimmed

Hi @Enric_Herrera

Try to make the summary (case title) a bit longer. Maybe that helps.

Yes! it works now
It was a question of the title was not enough longer !!!

Nor explanatory.

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Well, the title “custom cursor” does not activate the summit, but “custom cursor over listbox” activate it and now it’s has been accepted has a bug: 64113.

The summary isn’t really explanatory and the description is very vague. The example shows the problem.


While this is stated in the docs and it’s also obvious (a feedback just titled “Problem” is likely to get less attention than “The method of class fails to run if the passed parameter is an integer”), I’d still argue Feedback doesn’t mention why the “Submit” button is disabled in its UI (the number of stars isn’t a good clue either).