Can't paste controls into a DesktopPagePanel page other than 0?

I have some controls in a PagePanel that I’d like to move to a different page. I select them, Cmd+X to cut, then switch to the page I’d like to paste them to (2 in my case).

Cmd+V pastes them, but it switches back to page 0 prior to the paste (the same page I just cut from).

I have made sure the PagePanel itself is not included in the selection prior to cutting.

Is this expected behavior? What’s the best way to move these controls to a different page without re-creating them from scratch?


I remember this Issue (copy/paste):
but is not working on current Xojo, so it looks like the bug is back.

You will need to open a new Issue.

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For now, the workaround is:

  • select the controls
  • unparent
  • Ctrl - X
  • change panel
  • Ctrl - V

Edit: not completely. The controls not show in Panel 2 if you change the panel but they show if you select the controls.

Thanks for this info.

It also seems that controls that are children of GroupBoxes on the page panel don’t survive the paste either.

Edit: This could be a painting issue. Getting really inconsistent results in the IDE where sometimes the controls are not drawn, sometimes the GroupBox is not drawn, but in the runtime it seems to be okay.

Seems like the ‘parented’ information is copied with the control so when we paste the controls they automatically are placed on the original parent. Besides the painting issue.

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Updated the case with sample project and couple of videos.

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Thank you for all the help! Appreciate it.

As a workaround, it seems if you paste the controls to an empty window first, you can then cut them from there and paste them to any page in the PagePanel.