Can't Minimize/Maximize in Mac


I am currently making controls using the Canvas, specifically, I am doing control boxes in where I want to minimize/maximize the current Window.
It works when I tested it in Document type, but when I try it using the Modal Dialog type, it won’t respond.

It seems like it only works if the default control box is enabled and can be seen. If not then it won’t respond, is there a work around with this?

It works in Windows OS but not in Mac.

That’s sad how limited we can do with the Window control box in Mac.

Anyways, currently I found a solution for minimizing and restoring the Window, which can be found at:

The solution from the link above is that we use a ‘Hide’ function and do EventID checking, which we can by using an event handler HandleAppleEvents.

if eventID = "rapp" then
end if