Can't make array of bytes

This does not work:

dim bytes() as byte = Array( &h00, &h01, &h02, &h03, &h04 )

The compiler gives:
Type Mismatch error. Expected byte() but got UInt32().

I know there are other ways to create the array, but it bugs me that this way doesn’t work, because it really seems like it should.

From the docs:

[quote]Assign a number using a hex literal:
Dim hex As Integer
hex = &hff ’ hex = 15 as a decimal integer

Integers are 32 or 64 bytes, are they not?

having said that, (1,2,3) generates the same message, and so does (byte(1),byte(2),byte(3))
so thats a red herring.

Yep, I forgot to mention that I tried casting within the array, and it still didn’t work.

Arrays don’t auto-convert between types. Since &h00 is a UInt32 it doesn’t match the type of Byte.

You can override that using CType, but that is a lot of typing:

Dim bytes() As Byte = Array( CType(&h00, Byte), CType(&h01, Byte), CType(&h02, Byte), CType(&h03, Byte), CType(&h04, Byte) )

I see. Thank you for the answer, Paul.

I suppose making my own ByteArray class would make sense at this point. I’ll do that.

It may be enough to only CType first value.

how about:

Function ArrayByte(ParamArray nums As UInt32) As Byte()
  Dim ret() As Byte
  For Each n As UInt32 In nums
    ret.Append n
  Return ret
End Function


dim bytes() as byte = ArrayByte( &h00, &h01, &h02, &h03, &h04 )