Can't launch iPad Simulator


I have started to get “Unable to boot device because it cannot be located on disk”
Use the device manager in Xcode or the simctl command line tool to either delete the device properly or erase contents and settings.

This happens on some of the simulator devices. Right now it won’t launch an ipad simulator.


Create a new one right in the simulators device manager

I tried that. First i deleted it then recreated it. The simulator just shows iOS 9 though.

oh you updated to xcode 7 didn’t you ?
you probably need to go download the older installs for ios 7 and 8 so you can configure those devices

Open Xcode > Preferences > Downloads
You should see a list of possible simulators that can be added

I did upgrade to Xcode 7, then installed 6 so I have both.

The simulator was working for all devices. This just started.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but the iPhone 6 works.

No one has an idea

Sorry - if you have the extra simulators installed then you should be able to create a new one with those
At least I could in Xcode 7 on 10.10 and 10.11