Can't Import 'Xojo" because its member "Data" would Conflict

I’m updating an old iOS project to Xojo 2020 R2 and it is using iOSKit and I get a number of errors like:

Can’t import “Xojo” because its member “Data” would conflict with the “Data” that is already defined in this block.

And this happens for NSMutableData, NSData, AVAudioPlayer.

It’s been a long time since I’ve mucked around with this project. Any words of advice and/or tips?

IIRC, I had to turn off the simple references setting in the project and then go through third-party modules and fully qualify classes, etc: e.g. Dictionary -> Xojo.Core.Dictionary

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Hi Bob,

Just rename all Data Methods to DataValue in the classes that are triggering compiler errors.


I turned off the Simple References and fully resolved everything. That worked and wasn’t all that much work. It’ll probably make some things easier later on.

I am having same issue, but not getting how to turn off the simple references setting in the project.

Can anyone guide me to do so ?

You will only see this setting when opening an older iOS project (pre-2020r2), but to change this setting look at the Shared Build Settings in the Navigator: