can't find plugin method SSLSocket.Events.Connected

I have a web app (and it was working fine until I must have changed something) I run it on Centos 32 bit fine and was workign on Centos 64 bit (after I loaded all the required packages) but now with the latest version (standalone mode) I receive the following error when trying to start it:
(everything is set with “x”, running at root,

Runtime Error
Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Common/plugin.cpp: 5578
Failure Condition: pluginEntryTable.GetEntry( entrypointName, out )
can’t find plugin method SSLSocket.Events.Connected

Just to check did a reinstall of all the packages I did initially to make a 32 bit app run.
totally lost!


Make sure you uploaded everything in the libs folder. It looks like is probably not there.

WOW: So sorry… so obvious… I am new to XOJO and fully committed to it and I completely forgot the basics (ends up my box’s disk was full so the file did not copy) thanks!