Cant compile web project in 2014r2

One of my project hard crashes when I try and run it. It goes through all of the compile messages and then I get a windows message saying that the application has crashed do I want to debug. I have pasted below the debug info but dont know if it will help. Anyone else having issues?

DebugLinnworksProcessingServer.exe!0086774d() Unknown
[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for DebugLinnworksProcessingServer.exe]
DebugLinnworksProcessingServer.exe!00865a33() Unknown
DebugLinnworksProcessingServer.exe!00863bfb() Unknown
KernelBase.dll!75bf966d() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e1d30c() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e8366d() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e1f7b4() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e69217() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e6aad5() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e1f521() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e1f4f3() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e438f7() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e1f36b() Unknown
KernelBase.dll!75b51d4d() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!0373f743() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!0373ddb1() Unknown
KernelBase.dll!75b51d4d() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e20821() Unknown
KernelBase.dll!75b51d79() Unknown
KernelBase.dll!75b51d4d() Unknown
KernelBase.dll!75b51d4d() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!0373f743() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!0373ddb1() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!0373ef95() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!03722d08() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!03723bad() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!036f3781() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!036f5194() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!036f51d1() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!036d330d() Unknown
MBS_SQL_Plugin_18207.dll!036ebb14() Unknown
kernel32.dll!75a1919f() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e2a8cb() Unknown
ntdll.dll!77e2a8a1() Unknown

I was getting an internal server error until I replaced config.cfg file and the resources and library folders with 4.2 compiled builds.

This is a standalone web app. It appears to build but I can no longer run it in the IDE. Reverted back to r1.1 and it is fine. Can someone tell me how I can provide debug info to help track the bug down? My guess is their must be something in the or that may be messing things up so I might try commenting everything out of both and see if that works and then work backwards but if anyone has any better ideas please let me know.

Did your Database license expire recently by any chance?

I only purchased Xojo Pro a few months ago and says it wont run out until 20/03/2015. In fact you raise and interesting point I hadnt thought of but this is the only project where I ONLY use the MBS SQL plugin the db connections whereas all my other projects that are working fine currently use either just Xojo MS SQL or a mix of both.

Just for a test I added the Xojo plugin by assigning it to a property and tried running the project but the same problem.

Ok I have narrowed it down to one line of code in the event and it is to do with databases.

mbsWebStarterDB = OpenDatabase

This returns a type SQLConnectionMBS to an app property mbsWebStarterDB. If I put a break in the OpenDatabase method and step through it returns the correct result etc but as soon as it returns the app crashes. So I created a tmp variable of type SQLConnectionMBS and store the result of the OpenDatabase into that and no crash but as soon as I try and set the app property equal to the tmp variable Xojo crashes.

So I have now deleted the app.mbsWebStarterDB and recreated it but it still crashes. Not sure what to do next.

FYI this works fine in 2014r1 and r1.1 but not r2.

Ok, have tracking it down to the actual line of code that appears to be causing the issue and it is when the MBS SQL plugin uses


It works fine if you do not use the MT version with the following:


Christian, please can you see what might be causing this with r2.

That would seem to mean this is an MBS issue

It is odd because originally the assigning of the method result was causing a crash when trying to add it to the app property but deleting the property and recreating is made that work again but then it now seems to be the SQLExecuteMT causing the issue. At the moment the only places I use it are when talking to an SQLite db.

Well, this could be anything.
Can you email me a sample to reproduce?

If I am correct that SQLExecuteMT is the Multi-Threaded version of SQLExecute, those crashes could be happening anywhere, depending on how far the thread got before the error occurs, which is why it appears to “move”.

Well, the MT methods simply yield time on the thread they are calling and they call for example REALYieldToRB a lot.
The actual query is run on an extra thread.

Now with yielding away, it could of course be that things go wrong, like the problem in bug report 33416.

As you could not reproduce it I cleared all plugin cache etc with no luck, so I totally uninstalled r2, did a registry clean and reinstalled.

For the moment the issue with r2 crashing with your MBS SQL plugin and SQLexecuteMT appears to have gone away.

I don’t understand why this should be the case but it appears that the issue was to do with r2. I will post this up onto the forum to ensure that everyone is aware that it is not your plugin at fault.

Thanks all for the help and sorry for having wasted everyones time.

cool :slight_smile: