Can't change Thread to Task

Huge issue — I’m dead in the water. Downloaded Xojo 2019 Release 1.1 yesterday, and have been working in my project for the last day. I just went to create a new thread, and I am unable to change it to Task (to be able to update UI). I’ve re-downloaded Xojo, tried making a brand new project, restarted my computer, and tried multiple computers. When I type Task into the field, it changes back to Thread. And Task doesn’t appear as a subclass of Thread in the picker window.

I even reverted back to Xojo 2019 Release 1, same issue.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Task is not a built-in Xojo class. Did you include it from the example project?

Thank you. I don’t remember doing that in previous projects, but I must have, because it is working in another project. I will add that in, I figured it would be built in. Not sure why it isn’t.

Thanks again.