Can't change cursor when DragReorderRows in ListBox

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How nice that the cursor changes when you press Option and drag in MacOS, so now I have a Drag/Copy as well as a Drag/Move function for recording rows. Works great in MacOS.

Functionally, works great in Windows as well, except that the cursor doesn’t automagically change when I press the Alt key in Windows while dragging. No matter, I thought, I’ll change the mouse cursor manually.

I added the DragRow Event Handler, and this code:

If Keyboard.AltKey Then Me.MouseCursor = System.Cursors.Copy

I also tried:

If Keyboard.AltKey Then App.MouseCursor = System.Cursors.Copy

No joy. It seems I can’t change the cursor in Windows OR MacOS while Reordering Rows. (It just so happens that the Cursor changes on it’s own in MacOS - no idea why, but I want to match this in Windows)

Anyone have a Kludge to fix this? It only has to work on Windows, MacOS seems to be fine.

Looks like Peter is having the same issue…