Can't Build for iOS

Hey all,

I’ve encountered a rather perplexing problem today. I’ve been exchanging emails with @Jason_Parsley from Xojo and both of us are at a loss…

I’m not able to build for iOS. I push the Build button and nothing happens. I can run debug builds but not a real build. Everything is up to date OS X 11.2. Xcode 12.4, Xojo 2020r2.1.

I’ve tried different Xojo accounts, wiping out all my caches and license keys, etc. Nothing works.

Anyone else seen this?


Could it be related to your Apple developer certificate? Or expired certificates in your keychain? (I’ve seen the latter cause all kinds of weird problems.)

I don’t think so. AppWrapper has all sorts of issues with wrong or expired certificates in the keychain. So I’ve gone through and deleted duplicates, expired ones, etc.

I have been having some issues with my Mac lately. I’ve had issues booting, saw space on my drive get way eaten up, etc. All seemed to be with the most recent BigSur update. I’m seeing some other applications that won’t launch either. And I’m trying to open KeyChain Access to view my certs and it took forever to open.