Can't assign position locks to a Line?

Since we can’t set the color of a separator, I’ve replaced them all with Lines in a project in order to “mostly” properly support a dark theme.

However, I’ve just discovered that we can’t assign position locks (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) to the Line control.

Is this correct or a bug?

seem to recall its ‘lack of a feature’
I use .drawline in the paint event, or a 1 pixel high canvas with fillrect in the paint event

We use an Oval with a height of 1 instead of a Line.
You can assign position locks to an Oval.
When scrolling is required, Line is performing awful in Windows.
With Oval scrolling performance is fine.

The odd bit is - if I type Me.LockB… in the Line1.Open event, it autocompletes.

I’m going to use Paul’s method as it’s quick and resolves the problem.