Can't add CopyFilesStep Content to New Project under Linux 16r2/2.1

Working on a project specific to the Linux platform, so I’m running on a Linux system - CentOS 7.2. If I add a CopyFilesStep to the Build Automation, I can’t add the files via the “+” button on the editor (selection dialog displays but only folders are shown) or via drag and drop from the Linux File Manager.


For some years it does not work, the only way to copy files is a script in Build Step.

copy the file(s) to your project folder

then something like that (Script after Build)

[code]dim s as string
dim cmd as String

if DebugBuild then
s = currentBuildLocation
cmd = "cd " + s + “;” + “cd … ;” + “/bin/cp what_you_want_to_copy ‘./DebugMyApp/’”
Call DoShellCommand (cmd)

s = currentBuildLocation
cmd = "cd " + s + “;” + “cd … ;” + “cd … ;” + “cd … ;” + “/bin/cp what_you_want_to_copy ‘./Builds - MyApp.xojo_binary_project/Linux/MyApp/’”
Call DoShellCommand (cmd)
end if[/code]

Thanks, Axel, but I’m just reporting a bug. If it affects you, please add your voice.

Does Feedback work on your Linux?
In none of my (Linux) computer it will work. (Elementary, Ubuntu. Deepin - all 32bit)

I think Tim has other machines from which it does work as we do get lots of reports from him :slight_smile:

However I think the issue on Linux is “known” and Greg’s working on resolving it

I submit via OS X.

Here’s my latest for Feedback on Linux:


Just doin’ my part!

Keep in mind that the resolution is a 64-bit version of Feedback for Linux. There will be no 32-Bit version for Linux going forward.

Sorry about that, but Feedback relies heavily on the HTMLViewer which just doesn’t work on most of our supported Linux flavors in 32-Bit.

I did not think that the HTMLViewer is the problem.
No error message.
After this window nothing happens.

[quote=282120:@Axel Schneider]I did not think that the HTMLViewer is the problem.
No error message.
After this window nothing happens.

You haven’t even gotten to the htmlviewer error at that point.

Have tried it in the terminal.
Message is “Vector smash protection is enabled”

This is the exact same place that it hangs for me. This is running the 32bit Feedback on a 32bit Linux installation.

Just wondering : would the Windows version work in WineSkin on Linux 32 bit ?

Nope - gave it a try and there’s something about the Windows version of Feedback that the WiNE libraries just don’t agree with.