Cannot select first character after indent in IDE

Has anyone else noticed that you can’t mouse select the first character in the new line after an indent in the IDE on Monterey?
Simple example:

IDE cursor

Yep. I don’t know if that was introduced with Monterey or simply newer releases of Xojo. It’s really annoying. If you move the mouse right towards the left you often can select the first character.


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I can’t reproduce this. What am I doing wrong?CleanShot 2021-12-02 at 13.42.17

Maybe the font used?

OP letters are not the same width, your font each character is same width.

Looks like you’re using a different font than they are and you have line numbers disabled.

And maybe dark mode is a factor?

Hi Everyone,

I have a similar issue with the insert cursor getting stuck on the end of a line, you can’t move it left and right with keys and have to go up and down to release it.

I’ve never reported it, because I’ve never found a way to constantly reproduce it, I do use a different font, Andale Mono, and size in the editor. Just a minor inconvenience really.


You need:

  1. HiDPI or scaled screen
  2. System font size 14 shows it easily

Move the mouse as James does, from the right of the R slowly left, as soon as the mouse changes to a pointer, click and you will put the cursor to the right of the R

The cursor caret should only change to an arrow when it gets to the left of the R

Also happens in windows with Consolas 16.



I see the cursor change to an arrow when I move over the “R” as in your example, but even though it’s an arrow I can still select the “R” from left to right.

It seems to reliably happen for me on continuation lines. I.e: the line above ends with an underscore (_):

@Geoff_Perlman I’m using a monospace font (Source Code Pro).


I think I notice this in Big Sur too… and even older version of Xojo…