Cannot see insert database

Database is missing from the list of things to add to my project with the insert button. Also I am working on an iOS project and attempting to save simple property data to the phone for use when the app re-launches, so a few lines of code showing me how to do this with SQLite would be greatly appreciated, assuming I am able to add the database anyway.

While insert database is still gray, I was able to create a property in a module as an iossqlitedatabase. Sorry everybody like many I am new to this.

What DB ?

An SQLite DB I am trying to save data for scores and settings to the iphone ssd for use when the app re-launches. This is pretty difficult but like everything there is a learning curve. I am wondering how to link the copy files build step between build and sign to the database I have created, as well as writing to the database, etc. This is pretty much all I have left in my app creation, I wasn’t expecting the process of saving data to an iphone to be so difficult. I may end up using a text file rather than a database, whichever works first.

You got the first step down: Add a property to a module of type iosSqliteDatabase. Now, you need code in app.Open to determine if the database exists and create it or connect to it as needed. It may be helpful to use a third party sqlite browser to build up the sql statements necessary to create your tables. Then copy/paste them into your code.

Don’t bother with the built-in database browser. It doesn’t work very well and it locks you into the database location.

Can I get some pointers for how to do that; I have looked at the sample iOS projects and there is no copyfiles build step between build and sign, I am really confused as to how files are saved to the device, looking to pay a developer for lessons.

Dim f as FolderItem = GetSaveFolderItem(FileTypes1.Text, “Create Example.txt”)
claims that FileTypes1 does not exist. What is the proper file type for a text file? TextTypes.All returns the same error.

Have you created a File Type Set ?