Cannot Run TesseractMBS Examples

I’ve been using MSB 224. Installed the OCR plugin, installed Tesseract5 on Windows 10 running under Parallels on an M1 Mac.

The Tesseract5 example project fails with

So I figured maybe Tesseract5 isn’t supported under 224, so I installed Tesseract4 and ran the Tesseract4 example program and got the same message. Odd that the Tesseract4 example complains that it can’t find the Tesseract5 plugin…

So I downloaded MBS 225, reinstalled Tesseract5, and ran the latest Tesseract5 eaxample project. Same message, and I’m stuck :frowning:


Inside the build resources for the OCR plugin I’m seeing the dll that matches that filename. Do you see it in the Tesseract4 Libs folder next to the debug build?

I see it in the Libs folder.

Did you install Visual Studio 19 runtime libraries?
Looks like the tesseract 4/5 classes need the newer libraries.

You can download them here: The latest supported Visual C++ downloads or direct download.

Where in the MBS documentation does it say you need these libraries?

You mean MBS OCR plugin needs these libraries? Tesseract itself works fine from terminal or shell.


Sorry, that is not documented.

The dependency on the VS 2019 runtime is a bug, that you discovered.

I’ll change to code to remove the dependency for the next release.

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you can try the new version: MBS Xojo Plugins, version 22.6pr4

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