Cannot insert CopyFile in a Formatted Text Control Windows project

It is the first time I encounter such an issue seemingly due to a particular part of a project.

There was a copy file into a project and all the sudden it stopped to work. It appears it comes from Formatted Text Control, which seems to inhibit the Copy File in Xojo. Worse, when it is present, it becomes impossible to insert anew Copy File into the project.

I am attaching privately a project into which this manifests. I verified that with several projects and as soon as FTC is added, Copy File ceases to work.

The issue does not manifest in the Mac IDE.


That is…bizarre.

Indeed. And most reproductible. Hope the Xojo guys find out what is happening.

Follow-up : after Xojo was not able to reproduce the issue, I tried again with the project that started the report, as well as the others I tested to have the same issue. The bug is gone.

I had been working for about 4 hours with intense modifications, copy and paste as well. I suspect this is yet another one of the bad behaviors the Windows IDE exhibits after a while. I have not yet experienced the slowdown, but this incident, where I have verified the issue was indeed reproducible, shows the Windows IDE is not to be trusted after a while.