Cannot get simulator running

I upgraded Xojo so that I could compile with new Xcode.
So Xcode is upgraded (version 15.3)
Xojo tells me there is no simulator it can use

Xcode tells me that I need to download iOS 17.4, and had a Get button.
I did that, 7Gb of simulator downloaded, but it still isnt happy.

If I click the button next to iOS 17.4, it just shows me the downloaded simulator, but doesnt start any new download.

What am I missing?

In Xcode preferences, make sure the version of tools in use is correct.

When i can.
Redownloaded Xcode, it wants yet another new 7Gb Simulator, that downloads, and then


It’s currently downloading again.

When I’ve had this, I’ve found deleting the older iOS Simulator and downloading it from scratch has solved it. I see in your screenshot you have one installed below the Get button so you could try deleting that one that is already installed before downloading it again.