Cannot get g.DawPicture to work

I have an image in the project called myPicture. I call g.DrawPicture(myPicture,0,0) and I get nothing. To make sure I got the canvas set up correctly I tried g.DrawString(“Hello world”,100,100) and it worked.

myPicture is a png file that I dragged into the project and it is listed as an “Image”. I want to paint it as a background to a web page so I can scale it, as I saw suggested somewhere that I can no longer find.

Thanks for any help.

make a small square black picture 100 x 100 pixels, and try to replace your picture with this
does something appear ?

@Jean-Yves Pochez "…does something appear?

Yes that works.

OK. I got it to work with…

Dim p As New picture(me.Width,me.Height) p.Graphics.DrawPicture(myPicture,0,0) g.DrawPicture(p,0,0)

Thank You!