Cannot get a new webapp to work on port 80

I created a new webapp on mac and am trying to build it to listen on port 80. It will not start. Terminal looks like this…

[code]Last login: Thu Aug 16 00:35:46 on ttys000
MacBook-Pro:~ johnbdh2$ /Users/johnbdh2/programming/QMC/QMCDocs\ xojo/Builds\ -\ OrthoPro.xojo_binary_project/OS\ X\ 64\ bit/OrthoPro/OrthoPro ; exit;
Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…

[Process completed][/code]

It will build and work fine on any other port just not port 80.

I restarted the computer and did not start anything else up to make sure I did not have another webserver listenting on port 80. I do have another web server which normally does not listen on port 80, but I can switch it to port 80 and it works fine.

Any suggestions?

The app must be run with elevated privileges to use port 80. Try using sudo before your command.

Or, run it on another port (you should be able to use anything above 1024 without elevated permissions, such as 8080) and then just use port mapping in your firewall / router to map 8080 back to 80).

Or use a Proxy / Reverse Proxy like NGnix to redirect it.

@Greg O’Lone Try using sudo before your command

Guess this is the first time I tried using port 80 for a Xojo web app. After reading your post, I went back to the docs and reread the Web App Deployment section where how to use port 80 is clearly discussed. Funny how RTFM works every time. Sorry.

Before this I had never started the webapp from the command line. Always double clicked the built app file. Runing it from terminal using sudo works as you, and the docs, suggest.


A quick related question. The docs say that quiting terminal will shut down the web app, but I am not finding this to be the case. If I try to rebuild the web app after quiting terminal, Xojo throws a file error. The only way I can rebuild is to restart the computer.

I am starting the web app using sudo from the terminal, and when I quit terminal it asks if I want to terminate any running processes. Do I have to do anything else?