Cannot connect to a CubeSQL database

Hey all,

Just started working with CubeSQL and I cannot get my app to connect to the database I’m serving. I just fail to connect and I can’t see a way to get a verbose error message.

any tips, tricks, experience?

Is it on the same computer? Connect to
Are you connecting via the default port 4430?

Can you ping the IP? Can you do a port scan of the port number on that IP?

on further investigation it appears to be something to do with my license key.

If you have cubeSQLAdmin handy, connect using that - there is information regarding license keys, running server etc. on the initial splash page.

Also remember that if you are using a development license, it needs resetting every few hours.

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Use a proper DBMS. :upside_down_face:

Yes, I got it now. I’m just not familiar with the DB and thought I could run it with a max of 2 connections if it was unlicensed.
I’m up and running now.

Well I’m not necessarily using this, but I’m supporting it. My users need it, amongst other DBs.

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CubeSQL is a proper DBMS just as any other licensed DBMS

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CubeSql is a rocksolid multiuser database server. Here in Switzerland I know of 3 successful business applications which are making use of it.

For my own experience I am using it at the Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies for seminar-, address-, information- and document management, since 12 years. Thousands of registrations and gigabytes of document data and not one single failure.

A database server does not necessarily need to be complicated in order to be professional.

And for the license: just request your freeware key here:

Marco Bambini did a great job with this server.


you need to get free license for connection not more than 2 or a development one but need to reset every 4 hours

CubeSQL is brilliant. Have been using it for 15 years without any problem. Marco respond is always very fast.

my application can be single user or multiple users by having a certain file with the ip address for the cubesql server.


Wow people have a lot of passion about this product.
That says a lot.

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Hi Oliver
I’m using cubesql, but it locks the whole database for each write. I’m thinking of switching to something I can rowlock with. How do you get around that?

AIUI, CubeSQL uses SQLite underneath. SQLite locks the whole database when it writes to it.

CubeSQL supports a single simultaneous write, but multiple simultaneous reads.

If your database use involves lots of fast writes with few reads, then it might not be best for you.

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Thanks david and Tim