Cannot build for Linux

Ok, I’m stumped. I can build a previous project using 2023r2, target “linux”. I’m having an issue with my code not running on Linux so I figure I’d create a plain jane app with the only feature as “Exit”. Target is LInux, click build and it complains about licensing. I look at it and it expires Apr 2026 in Licenses.

Maybe its too early in the morning and I’m missing something :-/

Check that “This Computer” isn’t checked as well, it is selected by default.

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Are you trying to compile for Linux ARM?

I remember a problem with licenses if you have a Raspberry Xojo License and you want to compile Linux ARM 64-bit. I don’t have the Issue number at hand.

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Yes, correct. Let me dig around and find that option.

Ok, no I dont have This Computer checked… only Linux

Ok, its been I think 2yrs since I used Xojo. Found the option… Had to select 64 bit ARM as the target

Welcome back to Xojo :grinning:

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