Can you safely change appID and application names in web app?

A big thank you for any help.
Can you change a web apps App Id and application name?

I think I have shot myself in the foot.
I have an app Ive been working on for a month.
Its been uploading fine, but I did a save as and changed its name.

I then also changed the App name and App ID.
Then I went to the xojo cloud
I thought if I deleted the previously published app on xojo cloud it would erase all memory of it.
Then I could upload my fresh version.

Unfortunately Now when I deploy and xojo starts to talk to the cloud, I get a complete CRASH out of Xojo.
Ive uploaded the Crash via the feedback app.

On reflection Maybe Xojo cloud ties into these IDs and I should not have done this.
My key thought now is how to recover. And what to avoid in the future.
I do have previous versions so im ok to move forward, I just want to know what I can and cant do

Any ideas??

This should not be a problem James. But, you might try restarting the server to see if that fixes it.

Thanks Jason, I had done that. What actually happens is Xojo crashes on the “build” before it starts to upload.

The compiler actually fails as per feedback app info…

Location: LinuxX86AppBuilder.cpp(120)

Condition: buildResource.mType != BuildResource::kTypeCopyFile

The App name was a red herring.

Xojo allows you to drag resources like pictures onto it.
I added some images but didnt notice one was actually an ALIAS to an image.
While this worked fine locally in debug on my mac.
It completely died when compiling for xojo cloud.

Moral of the story is be very care dragging files onto Xojo IDE.

Please file a bug report about that. It should resolve those for you.