Can you change the name of a Control set?

If you create a new control set, it gets the name of the currently selected control, say, RadioButton1 but there doesn’t appear to be any way to change that name to something more meaningful.

If you name the first control before you create the control set, it can get even more confusing. For example, I have a control set that has two radio buttons - one is to move a linear stage forward, and one is backward. If I name the first radio button camForward then create a control set, the control set is now called camForward - which is confusing, since one of the member radio buttons of that control set is camReverse.

So to check if it’s reverse I have to test camForward(1) instead of something more intuitive like camStageDirection(1).

It’s a bit buggy but if you select all the controls in the set using the left nav and change the name in Name in the inspector it will change them all, if you then collapse the Window/Container root in the left nav and reopen it, it should show the change.

I’ll put a bug report in about the bug in a bit.

Cool. thanks. That worked!

At least for me, the change in name in the left nav is instant, but the members list is only shows one member. Collapsing that and re-opening it shows all members.

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