Can windows show a movie from a container control?

I have a very simple program. It has a single container control with a Movieplayer (preferred player) in it. I place it in a window and play a movie (wmv.) it seems to run because I get the audio, but nothing on the screen. Windows 10, most recent Xojo. Have others done this successfully? (Needless to say, it works fine on Mac.)

I just tested it with the example project, after moving it into a container control it didn’t show. It looks like you’ve found a bug there.

Weird. I created a special container control / movie player combo to basically be a working cross-platform movie player control for us. I haven’t had any reported issues in Windows yet.

Can I ask what Xojo versions you both were using?

We are getting unpredictable OLEExceptions with setting it to fullscreen, but I think it’s a race condition.

2018r2 on WIndows 10. I’ve just tested it again and it seems to have broken in 2018r2 and onwards into the 2018r3 alpha. 2018r1.1 works fine.

Here’s a quick example, can you try it there? Just alter the Open event to point at a suitable video. Cheers

Maybe this project might help?
sample web movie player

I am using Windows 10 pro in VMware fusion and, alas, 2018.r2.

Thank you both!

I can confirm that, when i compile for windows using 2018.1 on the mac, my movies play. also when i compile using 2018.1.1 on windows.

i have never submitted a “bug report.” is that what i need to do next?

Nice James, glad you got to the bottom of it. Reporting it would be good so it can be fixed :slight_smile: The feedback app can be found here under the Feedback heading. If you have issues getting the ticket submitted (the feedback app can be a little janky), let me know and I can add one for you.

Here’s a link to the ticket if anyone stumbles upon this thread <>

Per Tim P’s comment “We are getting unpredictable OLEExceptions with setting it to fullscreen, but I think it’s a race condition.” I am using Tim’s code. I was seeing the OLEException the first time the MoviePlayer was run from my app. I added a timer set to 1.5 sec that is only enabled the first time the MoviePlayer is launched. This seems to have resolved the issue.

What does the timer do, enable the control,play the content after the 1.5s or something else?

As Tim noted, we only see this when setting it to fullscreen. The following code is executed in the Played event that Tim added to his control:

if bFirstPlayed then bFirstPlayed = False Xojo.Core.Timer.CallLater(1500,addressof me.GoFullscreen) Else me.GoFullscreen end if

We are still testing prior to release of the app. If we encounter other issues, I will post an update.

xojo has acknowledged the original issue, fixed it, and verified the fix. hopefully the next step is to a beta.

As a pre-release tester you should be able to go to the Pre-Release channel and grab the beta to test this.