Can we Remove the Icon Space in a Menu for Windows and Linux

I’ve just noticed that my menus for Windows and Linux have space to the left of the menuitem text for and icon - even if we’re not using any icons. I realize the modern Windows layout no longer uses Menus in this style, but is there a way to remove that space?

Or is there a way to NOT have a menu assigned to a window, but also not have it remove the normal desktop layer when the window is displayed? If I use a BevelButton PopupMenu similar to other apps to show a menu, The taskbar (on Windows and Linux) and the Dock and Finder statusbar in Mac OS disappear while that window has focus.

  1. Do not use the deprecated “MenuBarVisible” property of a Window, because it leads to the behavior you described.
  2. Does Menu Bar = none not do what you try to achieve?

Thanks, Sascha,

1 - I don’t

2 - That’s what causes the loss of the TaskBar / Statusbar and dock situation.

That is MenuBarVisible=false that does that. Check the secondary cog tab in the IDE.

Selecting “None” from the PopupMenu for MenuBar will set no menu bar without causing the dock to vanish.

Some images to help

Edit: (I see the disappearing dock issue all the time when upgrading RealStudio projects to Xojo, and this is 100% how you fix it)

Then something else is going on:

Just to ultra super be sure, those are the properties on the window that comes to the frontmost, correct?
(and not the window that’s underneath)

That’s the window that is opened. I’m going to add a Constructor and place Self.MenuBarVisible = True into it and see if it’s a framework problem.

I’ve never had to do that to fix the issue once the property was restored to the IDE (some of the older Xojo IDEs don’t have it). I hope you get it working.

Added the Constructor with that Line, Saved, ran - Everything’s back to correct

Exited and relaunched Xojo - Still good

Deleted the Constructor (just to see) - everything’s still good.

:S - 2 hours down the drain …