Can We Reference a MenuBar that isn't assigned to a Window?

I’m still working on my Hamburger menu class for desktop apps and I’m trying to mimic the behavior of other apps that use this. In most cases, the Hamburger menu is used in place of the current style or menu bar with the menu bar hidden. Since setting the visibility property for a MenuBar doesn’t have an affect, I tried not assigning the MenuBar to the window. Unfortunately, I now can access the elements of the MenuBar during code execution.

Is there a way to access a defined MenuBar without it being attached to a Window?

create an instance ?
dim mb as new WhateverMenuBar

I thought about that, but couldn’t wrap my brain around handling the menu handler code. I went slightly creative in creating a hidden window and and attaching the menubar to that window and that allowed me to not only create an instance of the menu, but also maintain the menu handler code.

I dont follow ?
MenuHandlers are all looked up by name soooo …
You can add menuHandlers for things that do not exist on the the attached menu bar
I’ve written about this on my blog

Eye opener. I was missing out on the naming - just as you surmise in the post!