Can we now have some love for the IDE and Debugger?

Now that 2020r1 has been released it would be great if Xojo could show the IDE & debugger some love. These are the list of Feedback cases I would like to see addressed:

Code Editor Still Unusably Slow
Clicking The IDE’s Navigator To Select A Method Is Slow
Remote Debugger Does not Copy macOS Frameworks Correctly
64 bit debugger just wanders off into the ozone sometimes

Improve Debugger So That It Doesn’t Break On Exceptions That Are Caught In Code
When Debugging A Module Method Include A Direct Reference To The Module In the Variables Pane
Debugger popup menu item order is backwards

IDE Method Description Improvements
Increase the height of the method declaration panel above the code editor
Need the ability for a Post Build script to abort the build


In reagrds to “55876 - Remote Debugger Does not Copy macOS Frameworks Correctly”

How are you loading the framework? Directly calling the actual executable or loading the bundle?

A Xojo made macOS application uses the following load command for the XojoFramework.


IMHO not all Zip libraries handle symbolic links, it took me 4 attempts to find one that correctly does.

I suspect because Xojo links directly to the executable, this problem hasn’t been noticed before.

Disclaimer: I do not mean to cause any insult to anyone with this suggested solution.

Hi Sam

The framework is being loaded by a custom plugin so I would have to check.

I will take a look though as it might be possible to work around the problem.


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You’re welcome and I hope that it can help.