Can we make complex database applications with Xojo and MariaDB?

Can we make complex database applications with Xojo and MariaDB that contain forms, data grids, role base access, event trigers, etc.?


Can you send a link for an public database application?

with the MySQL database connector you can connect to MariaDB databases. Anything you can do with the MySQL database connector with a MySQL database you can do with a MariaDB database.

MariaDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL. It lifts the “oracle” (the company) burden off of you.


not a download link but a short video of my app written for a construction company in germany 4 years ago

Xojo helps me to makes complex database applications or need plugins?

depends on how you define “complex applications” - no 3rd party plugins needed basically. In case you need some eye candy for your forms like pie charts, date pickers etc. some plugins are recommended but not mandantory.

Nice looking app Tomas :slight_smile:

Aurel, you can download Xojo, install, see the examples included, read the docs, try out and measure how complex it is for you. Many things needs plugins unless you write your own components/solutions depending on your needs. Xojo usually gives you the building blocks for most of them, but doesn’t come with some features out of the box that people can expect from other environments. So, checking the examples and trying it out a bit, is highly recommended.

Note that Maria may have many of the same issues as MySQL in a commercial setting as the licenses are both GPL.

For my money I’d rather use something like PostgreSQL which is 100% free for ANY use and, IMHO, a better DB

licensing is kb … the dbase itself is GPLv2.

You could use MariaDB with our MBS SQL Plugin and simply use it like MySQL.

or use postgresql which is BSD licensed which is much simpler to understand and VERY clear and a much more capable DB IMHO

I agree with Norman. If you have a choice between the two, choose Postgres.

Esp since PostgreSQL license says

Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose, without fee, and without a written agreement is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice and this paragraph and the following two paragraphs appear in all copies.

Theres more to it like not holding them liable for failures etc but MOST software licenses disclaim that whether you pay for the stuff, have a GPL’d version or some other license.

Hence - use postgresql it IS free for however you want to use it - no ambiguity, no dual license - just use it & go

Norman, where you have see that mariaDB have same license troubles ?
We have see exactly opposite.

It’s the same GPL license that mysql has - basically if your app CANNOT RUN with out mysql or its libraries it has to be open sourced.

PostgreSQL has NO such requirement

If your running Postgres on the Mac check out the package. It a drag and drop Mac style installer, make pg setup a snap.

I just grab the installers from the Enterprise DB folks
Nice & simple & has decent tools included