Can sqlite support multiple users?

I’ve tried setting sharing a sqlite database over a LAN and got some odd results. Example the first user that opens access to the database gets full normal access. User 2 might access user a record created by user one and update it. This seems to work fine until user 1 access the updated record and doesn’t see any changes and user to will see those changes. I’m probably doing something wrong. If there’s any documentation someone could point me to or a quick example it would be greatly appreciated. Also I don’t know if it makes a difference but the database is shared over AFP (Apple file protocol)

Big thanks in advance

Multiple users -> use a server.

All a server basically does is mediate access from multiple users to the database.

SQLite is really not recommended for use over a LAN.

See here:

[quote]If you have many client programs accessing a common database over a network, you should consider using a client/server database engine instead of SQLite. SQLite will work over a network filesystem, but because of the latency associated with most network filesystems, performance will not be great. Also, the file locking logic of many network filesystems implementation contains bugs (on both Unix and Windows). If file locking does not work like it should, it might be possible for two or more client programs to modify the same part of the same database at the same time, resulting in database corruption. Because this problem results from bugs in the underlying filesystem implementation, there is nothing SQLite can do to prevent it.

A good rule of thumb is that you should avoid using SQLite in situations where the same database will be accessed simultaneously from many computers over a network filesystem.[/quote]

Thanks guys, that’s pretty much what I figured. I will take the MySQL route.

if you want SQLite as the backend, you can use CubeSQL. CubeSQL gives you the power of SQLIte but it is network based database server.

Be aware of the fees for commercial use …

At least use postgresql :stuck_out_tongue:
its free (as in for any use forever) thanks to a BSD license

Thanks guys

Mariadb is also free. Drop in replacement for mysql

I’d avoid Maria for the exact same reasons I’d avoid mySQL.
Still has the same screwy dual license.
And, IMHO, PostgreSQL is a much more capable DB and its is 100% free foray user - commercial or otherwise.