Can someome reproduce this IDE bug? (Case #45566)

Please see <>

I am a bit worried that this bug may, in fact, not be fixed in the next IDE but instead just isn’t reproducible for others in general.

Therefore, could someome please test this and confirm that it’s reproducible?

Here’s the bug description:

[quote]Find in IDE: Can’t open found items if Filter is active

Open macoslib.rbvcp from GitHub - macoslib/macoslib: MacOSLib - a set of classes to use OS X specific functions in Real Studio / Xojo applications
In the left panel’s browser, in the Filter, enter “texta”
Type cmd+F to Find.
Enter “text area” in the search field.
Two locations get listed, one in a menubar, one in HISearchField.
Double click either of the found results.
That should open the corresponding code. But it doesn’t. THAT’S the bug.
Clear the Filter. Now the found results can be jumped to.[/quote]

Should work with any larger project, so there should be no need to get macoslib for this.

I can reproduce this exactly in 2016r3 by following your instructions.

Thanks. I’ve requested to re-open the report, asking Stephane to make sure he can reproduce it in 2016r3 as well.

Isn’t this the same as <> which was fixed recently for 2016r4 after a couple of years?

Good find, Beatrix. Yes, that looks like what caused this fix. Also, Stphane has now clarified that he could reproduce it with 2016r3. So I can now stop worrying that this was closed in error.