Can run in simulator but cannot build

Hi, my app runs OK in the iOS Simulator in 64bit and 32 bit but when I try to Build I get an error in the iosLib code …

[quote] #if Target64Bit
return getstatusbarframe (id) //<<< error here “This item does not exist”.
#elseif Target32Bit
return getstatusbarframe32(id).tonsrect

As far as I can see the getstatusbarframe does exist in iosLib as an external method.

Yo missing the keyword “Then”
#If Target64Bit Then

Does the getstatusbarframe function exist in your project ?

Derk - according to manual “then” is not required for conditional compilation.

Jrmie - yes, getstatusbarframe is a part of iosLib.

[quote=323053:@Derk Jochems]Yo missing the keyword “Then”
#If Target64Bit Then[/quote]
#if doesn’t require it

I know whats going on here
Much the same issue as

It looks similar Norman.

For work-around it seems that whilst Build seems to wants access to this function, the app doesn’t actually need it. So I’ve commented it out in iosLib using the old “ignore the issue and hope it goes away” approach to debugging.

Joe & I know exactly whats going on and why this occurs
What we haven’t got is a fix for this issue at this time

Depending on what Xojo version you use (as you seem to be using the outdated version of iOSLib, not the content of AppleLib): Maybe it would be a workaround to use the 64 Bit savvy datatype of CGFloat to get around the pragmas?
I am not sure if statusbarframe is part of the new lib … and I don’t know when I’ll find time to work on it in the future. But there’s a reason all that stuff is on GitHub :wink:

Thanks Ulrich - I didn’t know there was a newer version in AppleLib - now I do!

That version builds correctly.