Can MoviePlayer load WAV audio files?

I was able to add MP3 audio files to my moviePlayer, but doing the same process, I cannot seem to get it to recognize wav files. I tried loading both audio/wav and audio/x-wav fileTypes (selected from the pulldown menu) and adding them to my GetOpenFolderItem, but the wav files are always grayed out. Working on a Mac with the latest version of XOJO.


Had a similar situation quite awhile ago. Seems that I remember if the .wav extension was hidden by the Mac finder, the file would not be recognized. See if making sure the full extension is visible in the finder, then try again to open you wav files.

I can see the file along with its extension when I go to select the audio file, but it’s grayed out.

Have you added a .wav FileType to the project?

yes, i tried adding both audio/wav and audio/x-wav. used the pulldown menu to populate the new entries in the filetypes.

I did a test with a new project using only mp3 and wav filetypes and opens a wav. I set it up the same way i set up the filetypes in my app, so not sure what it is. is there a limit to fileTypes you can have in a project? I have about 21 i think.

Just ran a re-test on my project. The line
opens .wav files just fine.
I was starting to think there must be something else going on in your app. I doubt very much you have exceeded a limit on FileTypes.

yeah i think so too. not sure what the deal is. I’ll have to keep looking. thanks.