Can I work with C++ classes via declares?

When I started out looking at this dll I was of the impression that I would be able to work with it’s various classes via pointers passed back and forth through declares. But further experimentation and reading seems to indicate that I can’t do C++ classes directly through declares, is that correct?

So I can’t instantiate classes directly in the library through declares or interact with them in any meaningful way without creating more code and returning those pointers to me.

Unless someone tells me the double secret way to do that sort of thing I guess I’m going to learn to make plugins after all.

There is no secret way to make this work

alas :slight_smile: Thats what I figured. I spent several days this past week being stymied at every turn trying to make any of this work :wink: But I’m on vacation next week and am not even going to think about it for a few days :slight_smile: