Can I sign Apple Service Agreement without renewing membership

I only develop for web and have paid an Apple developer membership previously to sign and notarize my apps.
My website key is valid for 4 more years but my Apple Developer membership has just expired. So now I get the message when signing and notarizing that I must sign relevant documents first.
When I log in to the Apple Developer site I get a message that I need to renew my membership and then sign the documents.
Do I have to renew my membership just to do this?
If so then why have the website key last for 5 years if you can’t use it?

It’s called “Apple Ecosystem Trap”, you can google about it. You can escape from it, but not without losing something, as you are noticing.


Just pay the $99 and enjoy Apple’s notary service.

That’s all the joy I will be getting for my A$149, just notarization of my apps maybe 3 times in the next 12 months.
I would rather put it towards a third party plugin.


Your anti Apple bias is quite tiring…


I’m just citing facts, not being “anti”. Your “pro bias”, not fact based, is more tiresome. I usually refrain to comment personal views, but you are forcing me here. So let’s just declare a tie and avoid opinions centered in persons. Let’s talk about products, technologies, etc.

It’s just a cost of doing business.

Like we pay the fee for a code signing certificate for Windows.
Or the the fee for mandatory membership in local Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Or the Xojo licenses fees.

There is a lot to pay as a business without much choice, if you want to be in this business.

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If someone is not running a business, it becomes the cost of the tool.


Unfortunately I think this a question for Apple. I’m not sure which department to ask, but I’d expect there to be a way. This seems like an oversight.

Thanks I will follow it up with Apple.
For many years you could sign your apps for the web (not app store) with a key that lasted 5 years. Perhaps something has changed with the introduction of notarization.
Not everyone that writes apps for Mac does it for profit so it seems a poor deal for hobbyists or those who don’t sell on the app store.


Reply from Apple -

“My name is Mandy. I’m an Advisor with Apple Developer Program Support. I understand you are contacting us regarding an issue notarizing your app. I’m happy to assist you today.
When your Apple Developer Program membership is expired, you can still access developer resources like the App Store Connect website, but access to other tools like the Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles profile is disabled. If you need to create a new certificate in the Certificates portal or agree to new terms, your account must be active.”

Thanks for bringing the update from Apple back to the community.

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