Can I change the Tab Panel colours?

Is there a way to change the colour from TabPanels? I don’t see any options in the Inspector for this.

No, you can’t. There are several custom tab panels around like mine:

The sidebar on the left is a listbox. The tab panels on the right side are custom. I’ve got an older version of the tab panels on my website at Xojo + Alfred .

What I would like is something like this:

Ah sorry, I made that blue example in Filemaker as a Buttonbar, it’s not a tab panel. Those I could color change. Maybe I can create this in Xojo as well.

You can color buttons or roll your own with a canvas. There are multiple ways to accomplish your goal of colored tabs.

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My control has multiple styles:

I’ll upload the project tomorrow if it’s not too hot.

The new version is available at . The MBS plugin is used to get default font sizes.