Can anyone spare me 3 icons...?

Would anyone have 3 icons, Windows, Linux and Mac logo’s from a royalty free set I could have. I am only displaying at 20 x 20 so they don’t need to be huge. PNG ideally. If you could link to them on here it would be fantastic.

Much appreciated

I assume you are looking for the standard logos for those platforms. If so, know that there are specific restrictions on the use of the Macintosh logo, including size and display restrictions. You also must have a signed agreement with Apple to display the icons on your site or in your app. I don’t know about the other 2. You can get the Apple icons in the correct size from the Apple site.

Hi Mike,

Here are a few free versions of a similar logo WIndows Logo Free. I am not sure of the licensing requirements.

If they are not the correct size, then a program such as Paint dot net may be able to help :slight_smile:

Download 3000+ royalty-free icons from

Got them. They don’t have the OS logo’s

Got them. They don’t have the OS logo’s

one more link: