Can anyone explain me this ? is it a bug?

Tested with Xojo 2021 R3.1

Use URLConnection

Ok… but… is it a bug…? I mean… if it is there… at least it should work…

Looks like a bug somewhere in the Xojo framework.

But since the function may yield time to others, it may be in some unrelated thing in the background, like a timer.

If you change the super of the App class to Application from DesktopApplication it works, so probably something to do with API1 vs API2

well, then if it’s a bug… the question is how many users it is affecting? and will it be fixed ? (it’s an API1 thing)

I guess that’s why it wasn’t affecting my older projects…

Are you new to Xojo? You know the drill: Make a feedbac case, convice many people to vote dor it, post updates in the FC now and then telling xojo the bug is still there to avoid that the case be archived.

I am not new to Xojo, and I am not doing all that.

This is a deprecated class, which broke months ago. Nobody cared so far.
Time to move on.

Looks like this has already been fixed for the next release.


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