Can a shell be contained into a Window?

I am in the need of shelling into a Window.
When I used to program in Visual Basic 6 it was possible to send the window of the called app to a window by fixing the PID together, is there a way opening the shelled app into a Window?

I’m not entirely clear on what you are asking: Do you mean you want to start a shell object and allow the user to interact with it in a textbox or similar widget in a window in your application?

/Example Projects/Advanced/Shell/Interactive Shell.xojo_binary_project

I think what Nieves is describing is the possibility under VB to have a window embed in a VB window as an OLE object.

As far as I know it is not possible to do in Xojo. However, with some declares, it is possible to control the position and size of another app window.

It sounds similar to what was discussed in this topic:

It is what Michel says.
In VB, It is exactly what Andrew provide with the link to the other discussion
I guess that will not work with Linux o Mac

As far as I know there is no equivalent in Mac.