Can a RadioGroup be BOTH horizontal and vertical?

I am converting my DesktopRadioButtons and WebRadioButtons to RadioGroups. With RadioButtons I can position them as I need, both vertically and horizontally, fitting them into tight spaces. But with RadioGroups, they don’t seem to wrap into the available space, leading to the latter options being chopped off.

For example, in the picture below, the top set are RadioButtons, but the below sets are both RadioGroups (horizontal then vertical), and neither fit into my Container.

Is there a workaround?

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My opinion is that RadioGroups are the simple and less customisable version of individual RadioButtons. A “shortcut” to make radio buttons quickly, but not suitable for enhanced needs, like your.
Actually, my feeling is the reason why I’ve never tried RadioGroups and probably won’t ever try.
Why are you moving to RadioGroups in the first place?

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What are you hoping to gain by using RadioGroups? There’s probably a better approach.

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You are both probably right. I just have an insatiable and irrational desire to keep up to date with everything. Thanks for the wake up call!

Sometimes “up to date” can be a step backwards!



Like killing controlsets… HUGE step backwards.