can a listbox accept a concatenated string?

I am loading up a listbox with text in certain cells, but I am getting strange results. If code;

Rowdat="Column1,Column2,Column3" and then

LB.AddRow (Rowdat)

where Rowdat is a dimensioned string variable and LB is a listbox.
after the addrow method Cell 0 in the listbox displays ‘Column1,Column2,Column3’.
Shouldnt the add row method insert ‘column1’ in cell0 and ‘column1’ in cell1 and so on.
Surely a listbox addrow method can accept a concatenated string?

You did not use an array. Read the LR at

Sub Action() dim Rowdat(2) as string Rowdat(0) ="Column1" Rowdat(1) ="Column2" Rowdat(2) = "Column3" LB.AddRow (Rowdat()) End Sub

that works Thanks Michel


LB.addrow split(rowdat, “,”)

[quote=97089:@Roger Clary]Or…

LB.addrow split(rowdat, “,”)[/quote]

Of course it works only for fields which do not contain comas.