Cameralink frame grabbers

I’m looking for recommendations on CameraLink frame grabbers that play nice with Xojo. We have used the Epix XCLib C library with their frame grabbers and it’s not bad. But I’m wondering if others have used cameralink cameras and frame grabbers with Xojo, using other cards, and what your experience has been.

I’d like to do as much processing on the card as possible, to maximize speed. in an ideal world, the card would be able to store three monochrome images in memory, then merge them into a composite RGB image (each one is shot with a different color light source). We can do this in a couple of different image processing libraries right now, but it’s slow, what with all the disk I/O (these are big images - we’re talking 9888 x 7416 pixels) . The camera we’re looking to upgrade to only runs at about 1.8fps at this resolution, and needs to take 3 images to make the RGB composite, and if it takes a second or two on the PC to process, that really adds up. So I’m hoping to find a frame grabber that has a powerful enough software library that I can do this in hardware, then only transfer the final image to disk when it’s done.