Calling fails with "this item does not exist"

A real odd one this morning -

I’ve just added a new window “wLicense” to a project that has always compiled and run properly. Adding the window itself doesn’t cause an issue, but when I call wLicense.Show, the compiler throws an error that says “this item does not exist.” Both the window and the .show autocomplete properly.

I know it was a long weekend, but I don’t think I’ve lost my mind (totally, at least)…

Any ideas?

Did you turn implicit instantiation off for that window?

Well, I didn’t, but the IDE apparently did. Thanks.

Is it possible that the IDE remembered my last window change? I did set Implicit off on the last window I added to this project. I then just added a new window to the project with no other changes aside from setting the window type to Movable Modal.