Calling Destructor for TempFolderItem Example

In the video FolderItem: Temporary Files there is a destructor method. The method of course only gets called at the close of the window.
I would like to implement this but many of my TempfolderiIems are in modules, or in the App section, which makes for a lot of extra things hanging around.
I also have a couple of sections which have, thanks to modern computing, a hundred files processed with temps in a minute or so.

I know I can directly call destructor, but I’m looking for education.

Any pointers?

Should I just make it a habit to call the destructor?

You can do that or you can set the item to nil, that’ll also cause the destructor to fire (as long as there aren’t any other references to it). Even assigning a new item to your global property will cause the old one to be destroyed.

Also, calling the Destructor will not free up the space. Just set them to nil.

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