Calling a rust dll from Xojo ?

anyone got experience with this ?

I think i have everything set up right and rust definitely builds a dylib but Xojo cant seem to load the entry points

what do otool -L and nm show for library in Terminal?
Are functions exported and maybe has the library dependencies.

everything seems to be exported properly and no dependencies that I can see

however, when writing a little sample in C to open & load the one function in there I did find I had to disable Library Validation in Xcode for the C sample to work

I wonder if I need to do that for this as well ?
That or it has to be properly signed even for a debug build (neither Xcode nor Xojo seemed to like me using adhoc signing) ?

the NM and OTOOL output seems to make the post way too long

hmm ok I cant make Xojo disable that … duh me …
maybe I need to sign it ?
@Christian Schmitz I’m guessing you sign all your dll’s/dylibs for plugins ?

We sign them all.

You can load the library with SoftDeclareMBS and check the error properties there.

sorted it out
once I figured out how to get it to load properly from a plain old C app using dlopen I revised my Xojo code and off things went