Calling a new WebDialog from a WebDialog Freezes both?

Does anyone know why calling a WebDialog, including a WebMessageDialog, from another WebDialog causes both dialogs to freeze and not execute properly in Web 2.0? The first dialog does not close and the second one doesn’t execute anything in Opening or Shown events. A Cancel button does nothing. The only way I seem to be able to get calling one dialog from another to work is to use a timer to launch the second dialog and launch the timer from the first WebDialog.

Is this a bug or am I missing something I should be doing to call the second dialog from the first one. I did not have this issue in Web 1.0.

// Button Pressed Event in Toolbar

Public Sub AuthenticateAdmin(AuthSrc As String)
If Not (AdminAuthOpen = True) Then
AdminAuth = New AuthenticationDialog
AdminAuth.srcAuth = AuthSrc
End If
End Sub

// AdminAuth Dialog validates a password and launches a Preferences Dialog
ublic Sub Authenticate()
If TextField_Password.Text = “MyP@ss” Then
Select Case srcAuth
Case “prefs”
End Select
Session.ShowAlert(“Incorrect Password!”,“The password entered is incorrect. Please enter the correct password or press cancel to return to the application.”,“Stop”,“Cancel”,“OK”,0,False)
TextField_Password.Text = “”
End If
End Sub

The Password dialog does not close and the Preferences dialog freezes on opening.

I vaguely recall something from long ago where @Greg_O_Lone said that was unsupported. I tried to find it and can’t, and I could be remembering that wrong. Hopefully he’ll see the ping.

Opening a dialog from within a dialog is not currently supported on web 2.

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Well I guess it’s a feature not a bug then. :roll_eyes:

I’ll just have to use my timer solution… sigh.

seems it’s not unsupported, but the 2nd dialog is shown behind the first one and so freezes both.

Not a bug.

a workaround using zindex has been found.