Call a WebPage Public Method fromA Container

could someone please clarify how to reference to page which has implicit instance off?

For example from mainwebpage I declare

  Dim instancePage as New MyWebPage

Then lets suppose that within APublicMethodOnMyWebPage I try to call a container
self.myContainer.visible= True

Which is ok…

But, if there is a button to the container that tries to call a method APublicMethodOnMyWebPage in the instance of MyWebPage (InstancePage) how to call it ? The self.Page.APublicMethodOnMyWebPage fails…
Dim w as InstancePAge = InstancePage(
also fails…

Until now, in my app all pages are loaded at once when the app starts.
I try to make it lighter but this way, that is,to put implicit instance OO tomost webpages and then to created them when I need them.

Thanks in advance

Thanks, I think I made it.

In the container I set again

dim anotheInstance as new myWebPage