CalendarControl from Einhugur

I have an app using the CalendarControl from Einhugur as a date selector for a date field. Just downloaded the 2015 r1 for Xojo and the plug-in broke. Can’t find any information on the Einhugur site. Does anyone know if they plan to update or have any other information?


Have you downloaded and tested the latest release (6.1 of December 11th, 2014) ?


[quote]New in 6.1:

Did a change in API’s on MacOS X to support Xojo 2014r3 and changes in Mac OS X.
Did some Yosemite tweaks and fixes in look and feel.
Changed the compile architecture on Windows systems.[/quote]

I just tested in OS X 10.10.2 and Win 7 Pro and it (v 6.1 ) works fine.

Too bad, there’s no RSS Feed for updates…

Bjørn always sends an email when a plugin is updated.

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There has been a ton of updates in the last couple of months and a promising new serializing plugin.

[quote]About the Serialization framework, then the concept is that you can serialise complex class structures with just 2 lines of code without adding any code to your classes.
(You can add attributes to your class properties to fine tune the serialisation but it is not required)[/quote]