Calculating the height of text in a styled TextArea

I’d like to have a styled text TextArea without scrollbars. Instead, I want the height of the TextArea to grow or diminish as necessary to just fit the text as the user types. I can’t assume a single lineheight because the user can change the size of individual characters or words. A solution in native Xojo or by using MBS would be welcome.

Do you mean like this? Ohanaware App Kit 2021 Release 3 demo video - YouTube

It should play from the point where I demo a expanding text area.

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I don’t find a function like “boundingRectWithSize” in Objective-C to do this.
In my app. RealCADD, I do it by parsing all StyleRun of the StyledText and calculate length and height of each word to calculate the height of all text.

Unfortunately the usual method (in textChanged event) works only with fixed font height and name.

Private Function setTxtHeight(s as String, tWidth as Integer, fName as String, fSize as Integer) As Integer
dim p as new Picture(32,32)
dim g as Graphics = p.Graphics
g.TextFont = fName
if fSize = 0 then fSize = 14//or whatever
g.TextSize = fSize
Return g.StringHeight(s,tWidth) + g.TextAscent
End Function

Yes, that’s what I mean. But as I said, it must be able to deal with multiple fonts and font sizes in the same TextArea. Can your code deal with that?

I considered this, too. But how do you take into account the textarea width and word wrapping?

I haven’t tested it much but here is some MBS based code for macOS which you can put into the TextChanged event:

  Dim nsTextViewObj As NSTextViewMBS
  nsTextViewObj = Me.NSTextViewMBS
  Me.Height = nsTextViewObj.layoutManager.usedRectForTextContainer(nsTextViewObj.textContainer).Height + 4

If you want to put the code in other places (such as when changing the style of a selection) you might have to trigger a refresh first so that the layout manager does its work on the updated text.

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I’ve done some quick tests and it seems to work perfectly.

Thank you very much!

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