Calculate Window MenuBar height - bottom end of window point.

Hello everyone!
I am trying to get the bottom end of the window, in order to place another window right after it. If I get the window height, it doesn’t include the menubar, so the upper part of the new window shows under the first window! How can I get the menu-bar height or the bottom end of the window point to do what I need?

BTW, I don’t use MDI in this application…

Thank you very much in advance!

Have you tried Window.Bounds.Height ?

Thank you Michel for your prompt reply!
I will check it out and let you know!

Care to explain ?

Hi Emile,

My objective (as I explained in my first post) is to have a kind of toolbar window on top of the screen and open other windows directly benieth it. If I calculate the Top property of the second window based on the Top of the top window plus it’s height it seems it appears much higher than it should and the difference appears to be the window’s title-bar / menu bar height…

Finally if I work with the windows bounds (Michel’s advice) it seems to work.

[quote=314858:@Michel Bujardet]Have you tried Window.Bounds.Height ? [/quote]

Thank you Michel, this works. I calculate the bounds of the second window to be directly below the bounds the first!